Sunday photos: Tintypes, timelapses, and more


  • The NYT showcases Tintype Buckaroos.  Robb Kendrick uses archaic gear to capture the enduring lifestyle of cowboys.  “When I’m doing tintypes, everything has to be driving, not flying — all the stuff for the developing is fairly flammable,” he explains.  An interactive feature shows the work while providing narration from the photographer & the article’s author.
  • Pioneering photojournalist (and ICP founder) Cornell Capa passed away on Friday at age 90.  The NYT features a selection of his photos.  I particularly like this one of 7,000 white-shirted Ford engineers.
  • Rob Galbraith points out some great photos in MSNBC’s weekly photo gallery.  I love the frog-hopping image, though it took me a moment to notice the frog. [Via]
  • Matteo Ferrari is doing an interesting little project showing before & after shots of people who drive the same car for a long time. [Via]
  • How does one actually measure the temperature of light?  James Duncan Davidson explains.
  • Timelapses:
    • The New Yorker features a hard-to-watch timelapse video of a man stuck in an elevator for 41 hours. [Via]
    • A new Canon TV spot is composed mostly of stills shot by EOS-1D Mark III cameras.  (Ironically, the ad is for the lower-end Canon Rebel.)
    • CHDK (the Canon Hacker’s Development Kit) is a set of firmware enhancements for a wide range of Canon cameras.  Scripts “provide functionality like motion-sensing photography (which reportedly works for lightning strikes) and unlimited interval time-lapse photography.” [Via Ashish Mukharji]

0 thoughts on “Sunday photos: Tintypes, timelapses, and more

  1. Jack,
    Nice blog today, I really like all the links, Great “stuff”
    Affectionately Adobe CS3
    PS I did my first (real try) at image enhancement of my brother who was KIA in Viet Nam in 1968. He was a chopper pilot.
    The original was taken in early 1960’s. I did this to honor him for memorial day. I don’t fancy myself having a strong suite for imagine enhancement,but I was satisfied with what I did.
    So a thank you to you and adobe. Adobe gave me the tools to honor my brother.
    PhotoshopCS3 made my brother and his new bride look pretty darn good

  2. Tintype Cowboys is an interesting article. I didn’t realize that modern day cowboys have different classifications according to the part of the country they are from and what kind of work they do.
    I’m reading up on Mathew Brady and it’s sad that with all of the hard and tedious work involved in recording battlefield photos, he died broke.
    For him it wasn’t just driving around in a truck and preparing and exposing plates (as hard as that is). He had to coordinate teams of photographers, scout battle and headquarter locations, travel hundreds of miles by wagon, and was under freaking rifle and battery fire while he took many of them.

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