Airtight Flash galleries come to PSCS4

Felix Turner’s excellent Flash galleries (SimpleViewer, PostcardViewer, AutoViewer, and TiltViewer) have been integrated with Photoshop for some time.  Now with a little assist from PS scripter Jeff Tranberry, the processing module is compatible with CS4.  You can download the CS4 versions (self-installing via Extension Manager) as well as the CS3 versions from Felix’s Airtight Interactive site.

11 thoughts on “Airtight Flash galleries come to PSCS4

  1. Looks like you guys managed to wreck the ability to change values using the scroll wheel in CS4.
    Just trying to change values in my layer styles palette using my mighty mouse scroll ball and its only half working (moves maybe 5 digits then stops), its not the mouse because its working perfectly scrolling in all 4 directions elsewhere.
    [Try clicking on the label of a field, then using your mouse wheel (without moving the cursor over the text field). –J.]

  2. After the Airtight Flash install, I found that on “Save As …”, under the Formats drop down, every format (except psd) appears twice.

  3. Well hopefully having the CS4 version built into a CS Extensions will make it function and be stable.
    I only have CS3 installed on this machine at work and pulled down what I thought to be the equivilent versions for CS3 installed them and did some testing. I found out that the Photoshop version breaks. It is viewable locally after I generate a gallery on my machine – but it will not show any images if I post it on a live server.
    The PHP Manual Script actually worked – but then you have to go into the code every time and tweak stuff more so than the PS plugins.
    Felix’s Documentation is vague at best and the only support s/he mentions is to dig around a Forum s/he has on her/his site where it looks as though many questions go un-answeed or several random folks contradict each other answering someone’s question.
    Maybe I’ll get a chance to play with the CS4 version at home this weekend.
    The Demos look great – and this would be a good solution if I can get some of them to work as I am in the process of rebuilding my portfolio anyway. If not – then I’ll figure out some other solution.

  4. When I try to install the Airtight viewer scripts, Adobe Extension Manager CS4 complains, “You do not have the appropriate permissions required to perform this operation. Contact your system administrator to obtain permission.” It does not matter if I am using a “normal user” account or an “administrator” account – same message. And I am the system administrator – so what permissions do I need to give myself?

  5. When I install the script via CS Extension Manager – it doesn’t appear in the Scripts Panel in PS CS4 (even after multiple restarts).

    1. Did anyone respond to this? I’m having the same problem that after multiple restarts it still doesn’t appear in the scripts panel. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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