Pixel Bender comes to your Web cam

Rich Tretola has created FotoBooth 2, a free Adobe AIR app that applies Pixel Bender effects on the fly to data coming in from your Web cam.  To check it out, make sure you’ve installed AIR 1.5, then download FotoBooth.  (Here’s a deeply unflattering screenshot.)


The app idea & features aren’t new–in fact, it’s nearly a clone of Apple’s Photo Booth–but it’s neat to see how the Flash/AIR platform has evoloved.  All these fast Pixel Bender effects could be run in Photoshop via the free Pixel Bender plug-in for CS4.


By the way, in case you missed it over the break, NVIDIA is sponsoring a Pixel Bender creation contest.  Give it a shot and win some great loot.

One thought on “Pixel Bender comes to your Web cam

  1. Ok. When are we gonna have Pixel Bender/Lightroom mashup?
    Huh? When? Seems obvious. When we gonna have it? Hmmm? Hmmm?
    Come ON man!

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