Print and ePublishing Conference coming to Seattle in May

Longtime layout and publishing expert David Blatner brought the upcoming Print and ePublishing Conference he’s organizing to my attention, and I’m passing along the news in case it’s up your alley:

Join the world’s top InDesign experts and the Adobe InDesign team, May 12-14 in Seattle for the InDesign event of the year! Find answers and valuable insight on the topics publishing for eBooks, print, interactive documents, and more! Be inspired by fresh ideas and new products. Includes 1-day pre-conference tutorials, then 2-day multi-track conference.

  • InDesign CS “X”*: What to Expect
  • Boosting efficiency with InDesign’s automation features
  • Best practices for a cross-media workflow
  • Creating and managing ePub and Kindle documents
  • Working with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Flash
  • XML, XSL, and You

I’ve really had just a glimpse myself, but I can at least tell you that the InDesign team has been working hard on some very slick stuff.

2 thoughts on “Print and ePublishing Conference coming to Seattle in May

  1. Cool stuff. I hope for better kollaboration between the mentioned cs x components.
    By the way: I like that latin five; CS X would look great 🙂

  2. @Raph Not sure what you mean by “latin five”. Maybe you’re thinking of Roman numerals…but X means ten, not five.
    The “X” in CS “X” is just a reference to the next version of CS, which Adobe has not announced yet. It’s pretty likely it will be called CS 5.

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