HP & Adobe demo Flash on an HP tablet

Looking good:

Wired hosts more details on tablet plans from HP & Dell.
This stuff all looks solid, but I remain most excited about creative possibilities for multitouch drawing, painting, and object manipulation. Fortunately Flash Player supports multitouch, so I expect we’ll see all kinds of interesting experiments.

14 thoughts on “HP & Adobe demo Flash on an HP tablet

  1. HP needs to spend some $$$ to get this out as an obvious better alternative to the iPad. Preferably before April 3.

  2. Well, I’m excited about the iPad, but not for it’s creative potential. I’m a graphic artist and I can’t see multitouch creations replacing what can be done with my Desktop and Wacom, anymore than finger painting replacing paintbrushes. I think it misses the point of what people want a tablet for. This HP Dell tablet appears to be trying to be yet another iPad killer. Skating to where the puck used to be.

  3. This HP Dell tablet appears to be trying to be yet another iPad killer. Skating to where the puck used to be.

    Amazing, the power of Apple’s marketing. HP has been making tablets for years, and this one was announced and shown before the iPad was announced.
    Now, even before the iPad has been released, HP’s device is being labeled “yet another iPad killer”.
    The fanboi, it is strong.

  4. The title of the article is “HP’s Windows 7 Slate Strikes at the iPad”.
    The truth is we haven’t gotten our hands on either device yet. Only until then, can we make an intelligent decision which best suits our needs.

  5. But how will ‘a casual flash game’ know I’m using a Slate with muli-toutch? A lot of casual games assume you have a mouse, can rightclick or use the keyboard…

  6. the videos are never visible on the blog for me. No image, no arrow to start.
    Is it something about my browser settings, or are they blocked in china, or???

  7. I agree with Danny about finger-painting.
    I use multi-touch all the time with the laptop etc., for moving files and folders and web pages around. But a pen would be needed for drawing and painting. My kids like KidArt on the iPhone, but for paying work a pen or brush is needed.
    But it seems like the big thing Adobe cares about is video playing, not doing actual work. As John says, Flash has the popular video player (as he keeps reminding us).

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