2 thoughts on “(rt) Photography: Curves, Frankencameras, & more

  1. @Nikki Grazian links
    — It would be nice if you guys worked with Mathematica folks to help them improve their graphics import/export (and PDF!) because they need it. I would love to see Adobe showcase more math and art stuff too. I enjoy the math and the art together deeply for thats the real whole picture via Da Vinci. 😉

  2. I too some time ago became interested in juxtaposing a mathematical graphic on a photograph. The best I was able to accomplish with a spiral generator utility I wrote for AutoCAD was this composite:
    I found for instance that the 3d logarithmic spiral routinely touted as being a match for natural evolving form only fit certain portions of a nautilus shell. Which is why I never posted that idea, since it never quite panned out as advertised.
    [Interesting stuff, Richard–thanks. –J.]

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