Photoshop: The first demo to Adobe (re-created)

What exactly did John Knoll do while pitching Photoshop (then a project he was doing with his brother Thomas) to Adobe back in 1989? In this video he shows that original demo.

6 thoughts on “Photoshop: The first demo to Adobe (re-created)

  1. Amazing video. Even more amazing when you stop to think about how useful the “alpha channel as a selection” trick still is until today!
    Congratulations to the Founding Fathers of Photoshop 😉

  2. Hah, the color selection tool remained EXACTLY the same. Sux that we cant figure something more useful 20 years later…
    [No, what sucks is that you & others haven’t discovered the improved things we’ve been shipping for years. –J.]

  3. Yes MR – not a fair comment.
    Amazing how much was actually in this version of Photoshop though. I think the two most important developments that took us towards the app we see today were some of the wonderfully conceived tools in this version, and then of course layers which came along later.
    Little things like the icon designs, still used – show how clear-headed this early development was. And how much we owe to John and his brother.

  4. Love it! This is a great reminder of why it’s important to be able to look at images critically and objectively – how can you exploit the existing information in the picture? We’ve gotten kind of fat an lazy letting PS be so smart, it’s great to be reminded that it was not always so.
    Thanks for posting this, John.

  5. John,
    Incredible to see how far Photoshop has advanced in what is really a very short space of time.
    Great to see how it was back then; it’s the next 10, 15, 20 years and beyond that excite the hell out of me thinking what we’re going to be doing.
    Thanks for sharing,
    All the best to you,

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