6 thoughts on “Video: What's New in LR3 beta 2

  1. One feature I didn’t see in the earlier post, which I’m really glad to see mentioned in the video, is that the curves adjustment now has a point mode.
    I didn’t see any mention in the video or previous post about an addition to the develop lens correction for radial distortion. Hopefully this will make it into the final version of Lightroom 3 and especially the next version of ACR included with Photoshop CS5. Having this correction happen at this point – as opposed to the current option of a Photoshop filter applied to an image layer – has a number of distinct advantages:
    Nondestructive: setting saved in .xmp or DNG for future use.
    Smart Object use. Although a RAW file can be used as a smart object with a lens correction filter applied, the free transform preview will revert to the pre filtered version. This makes the preview worthless when trying to align multiple photos. Having the
    Apply correction settings to many photos at the same time, using Lightroom and Bridges current methods.
    Access to metadata about lens settings and sensor size to intelligently choose starting settings.
    It’s possible that this might incur a lot of rendering overhead, but I guess it could be left off by default in Lightroom.

  2. Rich, this is exactly why I sometimes still use DxO in front of Lr in my workflow. It would be great if Lr could do the same type of complex lens distortion corrections natively.
    Also I would like a masking/layering feature to be apply corrections to specific areas (with much greater control than the graduated filter). Imagine being able to apply NR separately to different areas of a photo…
    Oh, and softproofing.

  3. John.B, good to hear I’m not the only one hoping for lens distortion correction (there was another commenter requesting this in the previous blog post, too).
    About the masking/layering feature, isn’t this what the adjustment brush in Lightroom 2 does?

  4. I also vote for lens distorsion/perspective correction.
    Ragarding adjustment brush it would be nice to have additional controls in addition to the six sliders, e.g. NR.

  5. As usual, a thorough and informing video . And as Ms Kost indicated that she had had responses on her videos that they were a bit long, please allow me to state that none – I repeat, none – of her videos have been too long. They constitute a remarkably consistent collection of high quality information about LR and PS.

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