8 thoughts on “Video: Automated reshaping of human bodies

  1. The technology is impressive, but I would use it in art project to show the inner distortions that occur in the mind of people with eating disorders.
    Automating evilness.

  2. Wait a second, some Photoshop dude in that video tried to make an anorexic girl even thinner?
    Just when there’s a huge backlash against photoshopped models in magazines here comes Adobe with a new weight feature.
    That said guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

  3. Wow. That reminded me of when I saw some of the past cutting edge technologies (like content aware scaling—now used in Photoshop) months or years before it was bought by Adobe, and knew it was destined for Photoshop.
    Great stuff, but soon enough we won’t be able to tell if anything we see in any form of media is real or even based on anything “real”. Can we now?
    Just imagine how governments could convincingly fabricate complete events and people to further their agendas. Not that they aren’t already doing such things.
    I have digressed. This product will be well received by designers and ad agencies and I look forward to using it one day.

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