Adobe vets release ColorBlast for iPhone

My old teammates Ralf & Steve, the guys who brought you Vanishing Point in Photoshop (and before that LiveMotion), have released their first iPhone application, ColorBlast.  It’s a tool for selectively painting color onto images:

The core feature of ColorBlast is the ability to separate and color one object in an otherwise black and white photo. To make this possible, and even fun, ColorBlast employs selective color technology which allows you to start brushing on a specified color and then paint only that color.

Here’s the app in action:

You can find ColorBlast on the App Store, and you can follow its developments via its Facebook fan page.

3 thoughts on “Adobe vets release ColorBlast for iPhone

  1. I continue to be stunned by Adobe / Flash people who are helping Jobs in his quest to kill Adobe and Flash.
    [Steve Jobs isn’t trying to kill Adobe. He likes control, and thus he doesn’t like Flash (all other arguments being kind of immaterial). Flash accounts for 7% of Adobe’s revenue. And in any event, these guys don’t work for Adobe anymore. –J.]
    Jobs’ has shown that he cannot be trusted with the power he’s been granted from an admittedly nifty invention – the iPhone. His attempt to kill an important Web Standard like Flash – just so he can corner the apps market, is that proof.
    By developing for his platform you drive more nails in the coffin of Flash and Adobe. I understand the desire to make a quick buck – but I question the integrity of such moves.
    [I think you should try reading more closely before questioning anyone’s integrity. –J.]

  2. The 7% revenue stat doesn’t tell the story. Flash’s potential as ~The~ write once – deploy everywhere solution for deskTops, lapTops, TVs, smartPhones, cars, refrigerators, etc is enormous and Adobe understands this.
    And I maintain that having such a tool would be a boon to developers creating the next level of user interfaces and functionalities as we endeavor to bring our beloved web to the masses. A mission I would argue is crucial to Humanity.
    I take it seriously when a tyrant like Jobs tries to squelch something as important as Flash could be.

  3. Comes down to this…
    If you believe, as I do, in the importance of Flash, and you believe, as any one who’s been paying attention does, that Jobs is trying to kill Flash… then there’s an integrity issue if you’re developing for Jobs’ platform.
    It could well be, and this is what I suspect, that many Adobe people do not believe in the importance of Flash. That, of course, is a valid opinion.

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