Creating contact sheets & Web galleries in CS5

Question (via comments just now): “How can you get a contact sheet using Photoshop CS5? Isn’t there an automated way to get this?”
Answer: Yes. Check out the Output Module in Bridge.

7 thoughts on “Creating contact sheets & Web galleries in CS5

  1. Adding the ability to create html web galleries back in the day was genius. Now? Now.. just disappointment. I always think I’m just missing something. Like someday in the preferences I’ll unlock the secret “make the dopest web gallery” section. Up-Up-Down-Down-B-A-Start?
    Here’s to quiting Photoshop and restarting it in 32-bit in 2000-and-TENsion.
    p.s. Lightroom, I see you, but we still aren’t going to chill together. Don’t take it personal.
    p.p.s. Remember when you could make galleries and clients could make selections? In Bridge!?!? Even though I never used it.. wow!

  2. What about a vector equivalent? I’ve been looking all over for a way to pull in, say, a hundred eps icons, from a hundred separate files, into a single new file (which itself is a vector). It’s something I actually need to do frequently, and I always resort to opening all of the files and manually copying and pasting into the new file.

  3. I still miss the extendability of the old CS 3 script that could link InDesign and Photoshop together to create a contact sheet. It gave a wonderful flexibility for creativity and branding and I still puzzle to this day why Adobe dropped this feature.
    Sure the module panel works and is probably fine for most people but for those who want total control over the layout the InDesign script was just simply ideal. It reminds me of dumbing down in Lr of the interface.
    It’s one of the reasons why CS 3 still lives on in our workplace.

  4. Jesse, have you tried making your selection in bridge (maybe saving it as a collection in order not to lose it), dragging your images to an indesign document, using up and right arrows to make a grid, and importing captions for the titles ? You’d then export to pdf whici is vector…

  5. Is it possible to zoom in on the gallery and see details on the images up close? When I make contact sheets, I make high-res versions that the client likes to zoom in on and pan around the sheet to compare details from one photo to another. The fact that I have to start bridge just to create something that almost has the features I need would be an annoyance. I don’t know why they ever removed the Contact Sheet plugin in the first place. Ever since they did, the Adobe Forums are regularly peppered with people asking why it wasn’t installed in the new Photoshop version and how to get it.

  6. Hi FR — I’ve tried using the Output module directly on vector files from within Bridge, but the resulting PDF is raster. Maybe I’m missing a tick-box somewhere?

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