Pixel Bender revised for CS5

I’m pleased to say that the Pixel Bender Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS5 has been revised to address a number of bugs discovered after the initial release.  It’s ready for download from Adobe Labs. [Via Zorana Gee]

[Update: Thanks to readers for pointing out that the package version number was set incorrectly. The team has re-wrapped/re-posted the plug-in with the correct number (2.1.0). There’s no need to re-download, and sorry about the confusion.]

18 thoughts on “Pixel Bender revised for CS5

  1. worrysome,
    extension manager shows this new version as 1.2.1, your story leads to a adobe labs site that says version 2.1.
    did I miss something
    [I’m not sure; I’ll ask. –J.]
    this is one of my favorite filters.
    [Glad to hear it. –J.]

  2. Those are great news.
    Pixel Bender is really something exciting.
    By the way, could you consider a regular installer for it. Just an EXE or 8bf file to put in a directory.
    Next really need feature is being able to hide the code.

  3. @Bill What you are seeing is a bug. We are repackaging as I type this and hope to have it posted with the correct version number very soon.

  4. Am I the only one confused by this and think its redundant. I thought mxp extensions were for flash compatible panels.
    [It’s a general-purpose package format meant to facilitate installation of Suite components. –J.]
    Why release the pixelbender plugin as a mxp when it appears under filters and functions as a 8bf? Why not just release it as a 8bf then?
    [Because people struggle to an almost unbelievable degree to put things into the right locations on disk. Before we made an installer for Camera Raw, people failing to put it into the correct folder was the #1 tech support call generator. –J.]
    Same as the FXG extension if its a script appearing under scripts why release it as extension. Either stick with scripts and 8bfs but don’t overlap them with the extensions format. Unless the goal is to replace those file formats with a general extension covering plugins,scripts,etc. I just don’t see the point of making plugins/scripts in mxg unless their native format isn’t enough. They aren’t flash panels that add to the gui workspace. Pixelbender is a 8bf plugin so why is trying to masquerade as a mxp extension; which I automatically assume to be flash panels that would appear under extensions not filters
    On another note why does adobe limit only 10 panels open in photoshop. Doesn’t this seem kinda limiting to the third party panel extensions?
    [Yes, but panels consume resources, and we don’t want to get into a state where the app crashes. –J.]
    With adobe’s panels and third party ones from onone, anastasiy,etc I already have panels i can’t have open while others are.

  5. If adobe wants the mxp flash panel extension idea to grow among developers I think they need to remove the limit. Remember when early ps couldn’t load all the filters you wanted until they finally added a scroll arrow to get access to the rest. It was a case of loading/removing filters and dealing with plugins that came later in alphabetical order got chopped off the list. It was a nightmare to manage plugins due to lack of foresight of plugin popularity. Remove the limit and keep the mxp format for flash panels that appear under extensions. Stop trying to throw them all into the extension manager

  6. Granted true but it does limit severely the amount of panels open. What user wants to play a game of guessing which panel he’d prefer to have open? i think this will affect users who’d prefer to have all their panels available.Especially those with large screens and lots of available memory. Setting an arbitrary limit seems stifling. I’ve already hit over 10 with adobes gps,email, magic picker,etc along with the essential ps ones like swatches,layers,etc. It just doesn’t leave much room for expansion I think and any panel developers would think again knowing this. It comes down to the ps core panels with maybe a handful of extra panels. I agree with the fact its memory intensive but still think this doesn’t really solve it by setting a arbitrary limit. It took awhile for multiple undos to come to ps and remember how it was said the same. Why add the ability to add new gui functions ie: panels only to cripple it
    Why not just release pixelbender as a 8bf? is it so difficult to put it into plugins or make a exe that can lead to the adobe plugins folder. Its not a panel that appears under extensions. Its quite obvious this is 8bf just thrown in as a mxp, it appears under filters not extensions. Won’t this be kinda confusing to those expecting panels in extension manager. It appears in extension manager but yet doesn’t show in under extensions in ps. Only way you’d know is to read the text description in extension manager. Still fail to see the logic (yes i know people can be morons =) If thats the case why not make a new plugins format with plugins/extensions manager Seems kinda thrown together.

  7. If its the case where the extensions are not only flash panels. Make the extension manager be able to group by filter/panel/script,etc And be able to access every extension under extensions. It seems like the extensions only goes to flash panels. It seems like it was made for flash panels and decided to throw in filters,etc under it as a later thought. Ask any ps user about extensions and they would automatically think panels since it appears under the extensions windows.
    Who would guess going through the filters menu that pixelbender in in fact a extension and not a 8bf. Certainly not under the extensions folder. Not unless you went to the extension manager would you see this. Just saying =)

  8. As it seems it appears like the Adobe wants to give the impression its about more than just panels but most if not all extensions to date have been flash panels. This includes only two exceptions FXG and pixelbender If that was the case they wouldn’t have made it so only flash panels can be reached by the extensions header. Is Pixelbender mxp extension hiding as a 8bf filter one? Only under window/extension can flash panels be accessed Its quite obvious that using this as anything other then a panel extension wasn’t thought through. 8bfs aren’t about to be replaced nor are scripts as panels are limited to 10. Why not just admit that the extension format is for panels mainly and was designed as such(as evident under window/extensions) Instead of trying to pretend like its for other stuff like filters,scripts,etc Have yet to see people coding filters with the extension format. Why should they when 8bf is sufficient.
    [I don’t have time to get into all the details with you. Suffice it to say that Extension Manager (originally made by Macromedia) has been around for at least 10 years–much longer than Flash panels. It’s always been used for installing many kinds of content. –J.]

  9. Yes i know. It just seems like ps was built with the notion of it being for flash panels; since these are the only extensions accessible under window/extensions, why not just make it windows/panels if it was only for flash panel extensions and not other extensions. As far as pb being a mxp file instead of 8bf it still seems pretty pointless though and still stand by what else i commented. Needless I still am waiting for the new pb to be upped =)

  10. I have downloaded Pixelbender to my Windows 7 machine. When I try to run it after download the Adobe Extension Manager starts to Install pixelbenderplugin_p2_64bit_090910 then I get an error message: “You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation. Contact your system administrator to obtain permission.” I am the Administrator.
    What gives?

  11. I got a tip that solved this problem for me. “Shift-Right-click on the Extension manager and select “Run as Administrator”. Acknowledge that you want to do this. Then, add the plugin in this mode.” Worked for me. I’ve got Pixelbender loaded and can use the Oil Piant filter.

  12. trying to download Pixel Bender, trying to use Extension Manager, trying to make that the system adminstrator (as I already am and that did not work) and all I get is a blank Extension Manager. Can you be more specific as to how I am suppose to jump through all these hoops????????????

  13. I made a pixel bender sepia filter that works GREAT in the stand alone *.swf file, yet when I run the same *.swf in IE…no sepia effect on the camera object. Any Ideas?

  14. I’m experiencing the same problem, Extension Manager tells me that I haven’t any privilages to install Pixel Bender when I am the only one using the computer…I’m the admin. dummy!!!! It’s very testing to put it mildly, does anyone know how to resolve this?

  15. Right click on Extension Manager>select Properties>click on Compatability Tab and make sure that “Run this program as Administrator” is checked.

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