10 thoughts on “7D + After Effects -> Ultra slow-mo

    1. I hope never! See this thread for my (and some others’) view on the matter: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/728493?tstart=30 . Aside from that, there are hard technical reasons which I won’t go into plus of course the developers would have to have an interest in actually converting their code in the first place. So in light of that, do the only sensible thing: Learn After Effects!

  1. I keep seeing this clip popping onto various sites yet I fail to see what is so exciting about some digitally slowed down footage? The film is nice, but technically there is nothing special about it, nor about the camera used or about the particular piece of software which served just as a host for a plugin. The stuff that makes this piece nice is the manner in which was shot, the framing, the edit. I personally find the extreme slow-down parts to be the least interesting of the piece, even gratuitous.

    1. Take a DIY tour with Twixtor and learn about horrendous rendering time and meet the fact that you NEVER can achieve that fancy wimewarping with After Effects own arsenal, despite the fact it has Kronos working under the hood.

    2. Really, Dragos? This is the best interpolated slow-mo I’ve ever seen (composition and tilt-shift aside). It reads as if you have deep pockets or callous perception but the technical excellence of this plug-in amazes. Go easy lest ye be perceived as elitist.

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