InDesign magazine comes to iPad… via InDesign

This is getting kind of meta: InDesign magazine has used InDesign CS5 to publish the magazine to iPad, making it available in free preview form.  Designed by Monika Wolff and Jennifer Wills of W+W Design, the iPad version features video tutorials on CS5 features and more.  Very nicely done. [Via Terri Stone]

3 thoughts on “InDesign magazine comes to iPad… via InDesign

  1. Hi,
    Where can we apply to become a part of the prerelease program to Adobe Digital Content Bundler?
    Is the launch on Adobe Labs just a few days ahead?

  2. Yeah, kinda bummed there are a few select magazines getting a market lead in the iTunes store because they’re part of the beta program. Would really like to get working on our magazine.
    Can Adobe at least publish document settings or requirements for creating the pages so we can start implementing the design for a new size? This would at least give us a jump on creating the content without the plugin.

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