Photoshop Elements half off 'til Tuesday

Customers in North America can get the new Photoshop Elements 9 for $49 until Tuesday afternoon:

Offer ends November 30, 2010, at 5:00 p.m. PST. When purchasing through the online Adobe Store, you must enter offer code SAVE2010 in the shopping cart prior to checking out when prompted to do so. To purchase by phone, call 800-585-0774 and mention offer code SAVE2010. Savings are limited to one discount per product per customer.

PS–Sorry if I just embedded Voices Carry in your head.

4 thoughts on “Photoshop Elements half off 'til Tuesday

  1. John, you and the store have not been communicating, they want $69 with the defined promotion code, $49 makes a good xmas gift for grand kids, $69 – not so good. Bill

  2. Would be really great if Adobe would spread a little cheer on this side of the Atlantic. We pay more for Adobe products in Europe than you do in the US (for reasons I’ve never really understood) and we are usually cut out of the good deals that are offered to our fellow customers in the US.
    C’mon Adobe. Give us a break!

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