Sneak peeks: New Adobe digital imaging tech

At Adobe MAX last month, digital imaging researcher Sylvain Paris showed off some tech he & colleagues are cooking up in Adobe’s Boston office. Here he touches on color/tone matching between photos; more sophisticated auto-correction of color and tone (based on analyzing thousands of adjustments made by pro photographers); and image de-blurring:

Lots of other really interesting MAX sneaks are collected here.

9 thoughts on “Sneak peeks: New Adobe digital imaging tech

  1. At last we get the “Make My Images Look Like Ansel’s” button! 🙂
    That de-blurring is a must have. Post-shot image stabilization!
    Does it require a camera with an accelerometer though? My phone has one built-in but none of my DSLRs do. Are we going to be able to dial in the angle and strength as well (Smart sharpen style, only smarter) or does it require precise data to work?

  2. Looks great! So, when can we expect to see these marvels of imaging technology? CS5 was came out this year, so the earliest would be late 2012? Two years! Now, I’m sad. 🙁

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