2 thoughts on “Lightroom 3 ACE exam available

  1. The exam is way out of sync with the product releases and has been since it was first introduced. For example, the Lightroom 2 ACE exam was released about the same time as the public beta of Lightroom 3, which stopped people from wanting to take the exam for Lightroom 2 dead in their tracks (the same reason they didn’t want to take the Lightroom ACE exam because they were using Lightroom 2 when the exam came out). Now the exam is released for Lightroom 3 when Lightroom 3 is already a year old and the public beta for Lightroom 4 is expected soon. Hopefully, if Lightroom follows the the dot release path, the exam will have a shelf life of about a year. Adobe needs to catch up so that the ACE exams are released some 30 days after the product but no later than 90 (a year later, we are still waiting for the Premiere Pro CS5 ACE exam!).

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