3 thoughts on “Parisian time lapse

  1. This is a great aesthetic video, no doubt! But it got me thinking, is it really time lapse? It’s more of a stop motion. I really do love the effect that he got out taking frames from what appears to be a moving car. But timelapse? Technically it is, but it isn’t.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of time lapse stuff that is ‘technically superior’, but they usually lack the soul this piece has.
    Sky – this is certainly is time lapse – the difference is that it isn’t done as smoothly as you usually see, which gives it an alternative feel. It definitely isn’t it stop motion as that involves the creator moving the subject between shots, which is not the case here. Moving the camera is common practice in time lapse however.

  3. I found the fountain especially interesting. It’s almost like a carousel and the water has such a surreal, halo like effect.

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