A new Photoshop-driving iPad mag ships

Philip Andrews & co. have again created iPad-based training content that not only describes Photoshop techniques, but that actually performs them:

DI Direct ProSharp contains everything you need to know about sharpening your digital images, from the Unsharp Mask and Smart Sharpen filters to a non-filter-based technique the professionals have been keeping a secret for years.

As usual, you’ll be able to tap the step entry on the iPad and see the technqiue performed instantly in Photoshop – it’s all part of our Read It–Tap It–Do It approach.


3 thoughts on “A new Photoshop-driving iPad mag ships

  1. Oh my! We are living IN the future now. This is wonderful, it works perfectly, and what a great way to learn. Suddenly my print Photoshop how-to books seem so awkward and clumsy… read the tip, go to the computer, try to keep the book open next to the keyboard (very few of them will lie flat when open; why is that?).
    This interactive learning is great. I’m wondering how difficult it is to produce articles like this? I really would read EVERYTHING about P-Shop and Lightroom on the iPad.

  2. These ipad apps are really great, the only thing, is that for people that paid for the Master Suite (or even any other suite) it’s kind of emotional irritating to be asked to pay another $2 to $5 for an feature-app.
    Now, obviously, one argument would say, well, it’s just $3, why users are complaining about it. Well, the argument could go both ways, since Photoshop users have already paid $1000+ (at least for the suite users) and asking them to pay $2 or $5 for companion application seems a little bit cheap as well.
    Pricing is more emotional than anything else, so, if the revenue from these companion apps does not impact the Adobe revenue bottom line (as I would guess), it might be good for Adobe to look generous for its top paying customers.
    Obviously, standalone apps such as Adobe Idea or even Adobe Photoshop Express are a different story, and it is completely appropriate to charge a fair price for it.
    Anyway, does not remove the fact that those apps looks great, and I love to see the photoshop team innovating towards have PC + Tablets rather than PC vs Tablets.

    1. Ooops sorry, please, remove my last comment, it is off topic completely since the application is a 3rd party app.
      I thought this application was like Adobe Nav for Photoshop.
      Feel free to remove my comment.

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