Connect your iOS camera right to Photoshop

Check out this beautifully simple app:

Acquire is a simple, powerful utility for instantly ingesting images from your camera-equipped iOS device into Adobe Photoshop CS5. Using Adobe’s Remote Connect feature, an image shot with your device’s camera is instantly, wirelessly transmitted into Photoshop so you can work with it without delay.

Two bucks well spent!

13 thoughts on “Connect your iOS camera right to Photoshop

    1. Hi Raul,
      So sorry you’re having an issue with Acquire! The connection problem you are describing has shown up once or twice in testing, but so far it can always be solved by simply restarting your phone. Can you give that a try and let us know if it works?

      1. PS a hard reboot might be best… hold down both buttons on the phone until it prompts you to shut down, then restart. That should reset the networking protocols and hopefully it will be smooth sailing from then on out.

  1. Hard reboots should be saved for when absolutely necessary, as they basically pull the plug on the O/S. Since it can’t shut down gracefully, there’s a risk of file corruption (just as there is with a PC that’s had its reset button pressed).

    1. Hi David,
      I’ve never heard of this issue and can’t find any online discussion of file corruption due to a normal hard reset on an iOS device. I don’t want to offer bad advice to our customers, so can you link me to a case where this has been an issue?
      I can’t find anything about this in the Apple knowledge base, and in fact they recommend hard resets in several places.
      Also, there’s a difference between a hard reset (push both buttons until you see the slider, then use the slider to shut down) and a double-hard reset (keep holding the two buttons down until the device shuts off). Have you experienced issues with both methods? Is there a difference in danger between these two methods?
      Thanks for your insight,

  2. The ability to pass images back and forth wirelessly through Photoshop and the iPad is also terrific with the Adobe Nav for Photoshop App. I thought that was one of the most powerful features of Nav that everyone seemed to have missed.

    1. Hi Wayne,
      We agree! But Adobe Nav only works on the iPad, and the camera on the iPad is pretty crummy… whereas the iPhone camera is quite decent and is extremely popular. We thought there was a great opportunity to hook the most-used camera in the world to the best image-editing software in the world.

  3. i had to hard reboot my iphone (which is no big deal as i understand) to get the connect to work, but after that it worked. and is awesome, btw. $2 well spent indeed, pretty cool and a sign of things to come….

  4. btw, the next step would be to be able to send the adjusted photo from photoshop back to your phone’s photo library, no? if it works in one direction why can’t it work back the other way?

    1. Thanks for the request! We are evaluating this capability for a further release. If you want to make your request official, just follow the feedback link right inside the app, and that way any cool requests you may have will be right there in our database. Enjoy Acquire!

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