6 thoughts on “Use multitouch gestures to prototype a design

  1. After playing with this at MAX, I have to say that I’m excited about this — the possibility of rapidly developing digital wireframes and prototypes is really sweet. I’m hoping I can toss out the ol’ sketchpad!

  2. Running a prototype on the target device seems smart. Trying to do design on a tablet (as shown here), seems sadomasochistic. Why not use the best tool for the task?

  3. Sheesh is that the tablet clicking or the presenter smacking every 5 seconds. If its the tablet lets hope it can be disabled. If its the presenter OH please stop!
    Could see use for this, depends on the price point.

  4. this looks like a lot of fun.
    i can certainly imagine using this to mockup web designs in front of clients.
    i assume the release version is going to be faster and have bigger hit areas. it doesn’t look good in the video where the demonstrator misses buttons two or three times in a row!

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