Video: Photoshop CS5 Instant Effects: One-click techniques for designers

Check out this hour-long session from Photoshop pro Jack Davis:

Learn techniques for making images look their best, fast, including everything from instant optimizing and enhancing of images to making Smart Filter recipes, custom actions, and tool presets.

9 thoughts on “Video: Photoshop CS5 Instant Effects: One-click techniques for designers

  1. Great link thanks! Are Russell’s presets available to download anywhere? I couldn’t find them on his own site. Cheers!

    1. John I see a lot of movies that aren’t there. Maybe it’s my computer, maybe it’s Flash, maybe it’s youTube, I dunno. But could you please put a direct text link to (all) the movies on your site as a backup?

  2. Would also be gratefull if someone would publish the frame and texture actions and layer styles for photoshop that Jack mentions in his video

  3. I guess Jack Davis has put in his time on the circuit, but its hard for me to imagine any serious user really benefitting from one of these “let me show you a million unrelated tips” lectures.
    I think all the styles/presets/actions, etc he refers to are available in his WOW books.

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