One thought on “Photoshop CS5 automates lens correction

  1. Hello Mr. Nack,
    I cannot contact you directly for a question according to Apple Insider information about PS CS6. Also i do not publish my e-mail anymore because i got so much spam (it not might particulary your blog what is causing this) and i cant take any risks anymore.
    I just like to figure out how the Adobe engineering team think and work from the past into the future because i see some similarities in
    development from the past years. Elaborating implementations that bother a lot of people and it’s been discussed in several forums and blogs.
    As an example from the screenshot in the link above, let’s take a look at the interface > appearence preference itself.
    You are planing to add “color schemes” (four of them) to interface color. Okay. I already seen this odd implementation just slightly different in PS Lightroom.
    But now my question here: really, isn’t it smarter to put a brightness slider there – as After Effects has – so the user can decide on how dark is dark enough, or on how bright is bright enough?
    I’m really sorry to say this but that appearence implementation via four selecable color squares is really not that smart as i expect from an sw- engineer.
    That’s what people are talking (and ranting) in the web. Because every time you open a major release for the first time you are always wondering that the new version is packed with new features but the interface itself got only cosmetic changes but still feels old and outdated and adds nothing fresh to interoperability and workflow.
    Also – for me the big issue – Adobe cannot manage to get interfaces and workflows unified.
    I mean Illustrator should not really differ so much from PS interface handling and workflow. Especially it should not differ in Managing Color Profiles or Managing Color Workflow (e.g. Pre-Print Processing) in general.
    However. My initial thought before writing to you was, that whatever i would criticize you won’t hear it anyway. Hopefully i am not going wrong with my thought.
    All the best.

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