Pixelapse: PSD backup & sharing

Pixelapse promises “Visual version control done right”:

Hit save in Photoshop. Your artwork will be on the Web, ready to be shared in seconds.

Share and get feedback from your team members, or anyone you share the design with.

[Previous/similar: LayerVault.]

3 thoughts on “Pixelapse: PSD backup & sharing

  1. Now placing my bet that once OS X Mountain Lion ships, Photoshop may, if ever, support the iCloud save dialog no sooner than September, 2015.
    [Doesn’t Apple make supporting that dialog contingent upon handing over 30% of your app’s revenue (by selling it through the Mac App Store)? –J.]

  2. Is it sharing full PSD or a flat JPG and psuhing the whole thing to the cloud? With all the 500+ meg PSD’s that float around here this could be interesting 🙂

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