VFX: Inception Park

As Colossal puts it, “This is almost too good for words. A wonderfully clever video directed by Fernando Livschitz of Black Sheep Films, in which hovering roller coasters fly through the streets of Buenos Aires, completely untethered to tracks.”

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4 thoughts on “VFX: Inception Park

  1. i could have sworn that this would be some kind of ad for an insurance company or tourism or something. But seeing it just like that – just a nice idea well executed is even more rewarding. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well, John. I should have known better. Obviously this post has nothing to do with flying roller coasters. It clearly was just an excuse to lure us into clicking through to Black Sheep Films and watching yet more time-lapse tilt-shift videos.
    Which sadly I too find addictive.
    [Consider it my tremendously subtle form of Rickrolling. 😉 –J.]

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