Hasselblad cameras will ship with Lightroom 4

Badasses unite:

Hasselblad’s Chris Russell-Fish said: “Integrating the Adobe platform with Hasselblad is a ground-breaking step… [N]ow all users can have the excellence of a Hasselblad image file married to the functionality and ease of use of Adobe Lightroom.”

Hasselblad customers who buy new medium format H4D cameras will receive Lightroom 4 software with their new camera equipment at no additional cost.”


11 thoughts on “Hasselblad cameras will ship with Lightroom 4

  1. So now, what happens to Phocus?
    [“Said Russell-Fish: ‘We will continue to support our proprietary Phocus software. This new agreement is about providing choice for our customers. Lightroom has the advantage of familiarity with photographers, digital operators and enthusiasts worldwide. Phocus still offers high-end imagists some highly specialised tools and remains an integral element of our Multi-Shot cameras as well as our Phocus Mobile application, which enables wireless connectivity for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. We are also working on solutions to tethering and batch processing challenges, and integration of those solutions is not far off.'” –J.]

  2. so you get a 140 euro program for free with a 30000 euro back…. 🙂
    well that makes it a bargain….

    1. Hey! It’s the 21st century. Get with the effing program! Don’t expect ANYTHING or ANYONE to make sense!

  3. It would be great if the excellent Carl Zeiss V-lenses would also have proper lens profiles in Lightroom. I think If Hasselblad proposes a cooperation between Adobe (Lightroom) and Hasselblad at least the software should work for ALL Hasselblad users (and not only for H-System users).
    Adobe, could you please be so kind and add lens profiles for the V-System Users as well (if Hasselblad doesn’t care about their customers, maybe Adobe cares about their Lightroom users??)

  4. Headline kinda makes it sounds like we get a free Hasselblad when we purchase lightroom 4. Now THAT I can get behind.

    1. Save your money–I’ve heard that if you buy one of those new Lamborghini Aventadors they throw in a gift certificate for a twenty-sack of White Castles!

  5. That’s wonderful … I’m sure all those Hassy customers will be just thrilled they can publish a book with Blurb right in Lr with all the great images they will capture …

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