Photoshop CS6's "'Cool Little Secret Features' That Nobody is Talking About"

Scott Kelby provides a tour of his favorite hidden gems (and dang if I didn’t learn a couple of things):

6 thoughts on “Photoshop CS6's "'Cool Little Secret Features' That Nobody is Talking About"

  1. Wasn’t Contact Sheet II taken out because a PDF Contact Sheet made from Bridge or Lightroom is smaller in file size and text searchable, whereas the (flattened) PS Contact Sheet is not?
    [It was taken out because we thought that Bridge was a fundamentally better place to deal with multiple images & set parameters related to them. –J.]
    Plus, most clients who want a contact sheet (from my experience) will know Acrobat and PDF more than Photoshop.

  2. Some of those aren’t new at all. Cropping outside was a handy little bit that was added years and years ago (CS maybe?). And you’ve been able to change the color of the window surrounding the canvas for as long as I can remember by picking a color and the paint bucket then shift+clicking outside the canvas. The rest is cool though.

  3. This is off-topic, but the title of this post used U+2032 PRIME instead of the standard U+2019 RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK for its apostrophe.
    I’m unhealthily curious as to why that is.

  4. Secret as in the nose on your face?…Here’s a secret or two:
    To turn layer filtering off *totally,* so that the layer filter menu isn’t greyed out, Option/Alt-click the On/Off switch.
    When the crop box is active, you cannot draw another until you escape, nor can you start to draw a crop box from outside of the image after selecting the Crop tool. If you need to do either, hold down Shift, click, let go of Shift and continue to draw.
    I am compiling a list of similar tips for an eBook that I hope to release in August.

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