Demo/Q&A this Friday: Photoshop for Web design

Noon Pacific time with Adobe evangelist Paul Trani:

Here’s a how-to on mastering Photoshop from a web design perspective. From creating layouts for desktop and mobile, using color, text and exporting images and color palettes when needed, join us to see the power of Photoshop for web designers. And with the new update to Photoshop CS6 for Creative Cloud, members even have the ability to export CSS!

3 thoughts on “Demo/Q&A this Friday: Photoshop for Web design

  1. Random how I landed on this through Google Blog search. The event looks interesting and I don’t have CS6 yet, so that’ll be nice to learn about.

  2. The seminar is posted in Adobe’s system as 12am, not 12pm. I just got an email reminder to stay awake at 12am PT.

  3. I am master of photoshop and html.
    [And I want a pony! (Your spammy link deleted.) –J.]

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