Tips on tuning Lightroom performance

The Lightroom team maintains a page of tips on how to get maximum performance from the app. I’ve personally had great success keeping the app & its catalog on my laptop’s SSD (small, fast) while importing images to my traditional hard drive (big, slow). [Via]

3 thoughts on “Tips on tuning Lightroom performance

  1. Don’t forget to move the ACR cache to the SSD as well, if it’s not there already. Change it in Lightroom -> Preferences -> File Handling -> Camera Raw Cache Settings.

  2. ssd will not improve teh üperformance.. was tetsedt already.-. its an urban legend…
    [Uhhh… swing by my desk sometime. –J.]

  3. Lightroom has been a great asset to my workflow however, auto sync seems to turn on at random and causes havoc when I am editing. I’m working on 600+ wedding pictures and LR is auto syncing at odd times. I need help.
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