"Changing the world, one rounded corner at a time"

Could anyone else use just a moment of levity? 🙂

11 thoughts on “"Changing the world, one rounded corner at a time"

  1. adobe is a crap company.
    do you think this is funny?
    it´s reality.. i hope you lose your job soon and your family is starving.
    adobe has to go the kodak way….

    1. Wow. You really wish that someone would starve? Someone you’ve never met? Because they’re related to someone who works at a company that made a decision that upsets you?

    2. That’s uncalled for. The Photoshop production team is a good group of people. They don’t make the marketing decisions.

  2. lol more lens flares! didn’t realize cinema 4d was coming with AE CC thats sounds awesome. why do i never tire of the downfall meme variations?

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