Sneak Peek: Playing with Lighting in Photoshop and After Effects

Sylvain Paris (creator of previous eye-popping tech demos) presents a sneak peek of a way to transfer the appearance of lighting in one image or video to another. Any yes, you’ll find Rainn Wilson’s interjections annoying. I recommend skipping the first 1:30. (Can anyone tell me exactly how to do that with embedded YouTube content, by the way?)

16 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Playing with Lighting in Photoshop and After Effects

    1. Just go ahead and read any of the other agreements which Adobe has you acknowledge and “agree” to for most-of-anything – they are just about as tough, and have been so for a long while. For example, the T&Cs for Adobe Marketplace and/or Exchange. As a follow-up, ask yourself whether you know anyone who has complained about being trampled by an Adobe attorney …

    1. That all sounds really bad – I’m guessing/hoping some backtracking from Adobe on all of this will start soon. I feel bad for the engineers (and users like us of course!) for being caught up in this.

  1. that faux night illumination did not look good at all. poor choice for a demo in my opinion.

    1. Yes – but a simple and short technical demo, such as this, is always better done with some dramatic content. The power of the technique photographically (even artistically) would better use something more subtle/nuanced.

  2. If you’re viewing YouTube via Flash, then a context-click should reveal “Copy video URL at current time”.
    (I didn’t succeed in finding official YouTube instructions, and so am unsure how this generalizes to other environments.)

  3. In YouTube, click on the “Share” caption. It will give you the option to specify a starting time, which will appear in the link. If you don’t want to bother with that, just add to the link the following: ?t=XmYs where X and Y and the number of minutes and seconds into the video where you want it to start.
    [Thanks, but I think that applies only to linking & not embedding.]

  4. John, “Why can’t CC subscribers have access to the beta version of Photoshop CC as non-cloud users now do with Lightroom 5?”
    [Betas consume a surprisingly large amount of resources. I can’t speak to why the PS team opted out this time whereas LR opted in. –J.]
    Also, viewers of this video should skip to 1:45 to avoid the comic fluff.

  5. The resulting images looked a little too much like 3D computer graphics with older lighting algorithms. There was something disconcertingly unnatural (uncanny valley effect).

  6. Interesting video with some useful looking effects.
    What is with the three “drunk” idiots interrupting the presentation?
    Three of the most unprofessional hosts you’re likely to have to encounter, let alone have to tolerate.

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