Premiere Pro CC gets 20+ improvements

“In my 18 years here at Adobe,” writes video specialist Dave Helmly, “I’ve never seen this many updates in .01 release.” This is just a matter of weeks after version CC first shipped. PM Al Mooney writes,

One of the best things about Creative Cloud is that we’re able to develop and release features in cadence with the demands of this rapidly growing and evolving industry… These features are focused in the areas of timeline editing, viewing, navigation and media management, and are direct responses to customer feedback we’ve been closely listening to. The release also includes a number of bug fixes, including a documented critical bug with multicam workflows, and is recommended for all users.

Check out the list of improvements on the team blog. See also the improvements just made to Adobe Media Encoder, and lastly this comprehensive list of updates to Adobe video apps (CS4 onward).

7 thoughts on “Premiere Pro CC gets 20+ improvements

  1. Seems to be (still) that not all at Adobe really have their heads around what they’ve created (with the Creative Cloud). For example, the words say “we’re thrilled to be able to give you multiple new editing features so soon after the first CC release”. But there seem to be no completely new, major features added in the new .01 release of Premiere. There are a good set of of valuable changes, options and streamlining (a.k.a. “improvements”) to be sure. But that’s it …

  2. The problem is that some of the bugs corected in Media encoder were introduce with CS6 and still exist in CS6… Again even if I am a CC user, I feel that Adobe is again forcing people to switch to CC the worse way they can… You won’t get any happy customer acting like that … We took time to repport bugs and explain and none were corrected during the CS6 lifespan… I know it would have been a little effort but you should have least provided the bug correction to the CS6 too… that would have been a positive step toward the angry CS6 non CC switcher community…

  3. so bugfixes and keyboard shortcuts are now major features.. well thank god for the cloud then.
    [I thought about anticipating exactly this comment & saying “don’t bother,” because *no matter what* the team delivered, you could always say, “Shoulda been there earlier, shoulda been free, shoulda simonized my car while rubbing me down in hot oil.” But then I realized that would be a waste of my time, because you’d come and waste it again like this, no matter what. –J.]
    [Indeed. –J.]

    1. What was that again about ‘never’ making derogatory replies or berating commenters, John?!?!
      [Sorry. Jan comments on nearly every single post, and his M.O. has become simply to find whatever can possibly be negative. It wears on me. –J.]
      This vitriolic response only goes to further fuel the feeling that non-CC users are second class citizens in the eyes of Adobe—especially since they have been promised that CS6 would still be updated.
      [No one, to my knowledge, has promised that CS6 apps would be updated with new features. They may in some cases receive bug fixes, and the Photoshop team has committed to continuing to provide Camera Raw compatibility updates. –J.]
      If it is indeed true that these ‘improvements’ (not ‘new features’) have been requested by users for a while now, then ignoring the promise to keep CS6 updated only solidifies the fear that many have not only felt, but also expressed—by not moving to CC, Adobe will leave you in the dark.
      [Adobe has said clearly that all effort going forward is on the CC apps. These versions are clearly more recent than & superior to the CS6 versions. There should be no ambiguity there whatsoever. –J.]

  4. Thanks for the information about the updates in CC. Wonderful. Now who do we talk to about you guys dropping Encore? I’m sorry but I just don’t understand. You guys are forever going on about workflow and how you have some new something to help workflow, but then you go and intentionally totally destroy workflow. Yes, I still have Encore CS6, but it can’t open a Premiere CC file. There’s no Dynamic Link. There are no quick and easy automatic render a DVD/Blu-Ray. That workflow is out with the ark, I suppose. We’re now delivering everything in the cloud right? Well, apologies once again, but some of my clients don’t even no what the cloud is, let alone access it to watch their video. Adobe’s totally out of touch on this one. Can you or someone please give me some information about what Adobe is thinking about this? Is that the new policy – DVD’s and Blu-Rays are irrelevant or what?

  5. John, Adobe still hasn’t addressed the biggest flaw with CC – the pay or die issue… I’m sure you are getting tired of seeing these posts, but when you stop seeing them, it will most likely be due to your customers having moved on to other software. Not to be negative, just sayin’…
    [Understood, and I clearly differentiate this kind of feedback (which is welcome) from someone who’s simply made a reflexive habit of adding some kind of negative remark to nearly everything I post. –J.]

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