MirrorMe plug-in brings instant symmetry to Illustrator

Astute Graphics, makers of popular & powerful Illustrator plug-ins like VectorScribe, have introduced the cool-looking MirrorMe for Illustrator CS5 & above:

  • User-defined origin and axis angle
  • User-defined number of axes
  • Flexible live annotations to keep you informed
  • Pause and resume mirroring on layers
  • Copy and paste mirror axes in and across documents
  • Auto-trim and joining of paths across axes

The product costs £39 +VAT (approximately $58 / €45) and is part of their larger product bundle (£149/$225/€173).

2 thoughts on “MirrorMe plug-in brings instant symmetry to Illustrator

  1. I just started using this Illustrator plugin, and it’s quite wonderful. Turns out there are a lot of reasons for various kinds of symmetrical drawing or transforming. Although it’s unendingly fun to play with, it’s also going to get a lot of use in my work. And like all Astute plugins, it’s a very slick, stable, and well thought-out piece of work.

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