Street typography

Who actually writes giant letters on your road? Tom Williams caught a couple of craftsmen in the the act early one morning:

[Spoiler alert: I was hoping throughout that these guys were very cleverly disguised graffiti artists out to insert some drolly subversive message into the world, but no such luck.]

[Vimeo] [Via Lex van den Berghe]

4 thoughts on “Street typography

  1. John, you haven’t lived until you’ve driven at night, bleary-eyed after a transatlantic flight, through Irish villages where the route directions are painted on the roadway at the intersections (not before naturally). Of course they’ve been worn to pointillist paintings to test your visual acuity. And, just to make things more interesting, you’re trying to read them from the wrong side of the car!

  2. That’s amazing! I always thought that had big stencils they used, I didn’t realize they do it mostly freehand.

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