Demo: An ultra clean, lightweight Photoshop

…put through its paces by no less a guru than Deke McClelland. Now see if you “can get your hands on a Mac IIci or even an IIfx model,” and let’s walk back to the bad or at least humble) old days:

[YouTube] [Via James Fritz]

3 thoughts on “Demo: An ultra clean, lightweight Photoshop

  1. Wow, I came to know Photoshop only by version 2.0… 1.0 must have been a very singular experience!

  2. LOL John this was priceless. I was looking for a place to put a totally unrelated comment and this one looks like it will do.

    first off, gratz on your move to Google. I have to say I kind of expected you to end up at Apple, but that’s totally another tangent. 😉

    I finally got around to listening to your interview on the Iterate podcast. I’m really glad you did it, and I found it really enlightening, if not eye opening. So many things I want to say but don’t want to get overly verbose…
    -this was the first time I heard a really good argument in favor of the Adobe CC model. I realized that Adobe was a big company and there are the same hurdles to deal with as in any large organization, but I had no idea how hard it was to introduce improvements before the CC model.
    -regarding your comments about not getting feedback from folks via your blog on Photoshop and other stuff…I don’t think everyone realized that someone was listening or that it was a viable channel on which to complain. I myself would forget that John Nack is a busy human being, and sometimes wonder if a comment I posted annoyed you when there wasn’t a reply. Also, coming from the dev side – Adobe Flex namely – we had long been frustrated when certain bugs would persist on JIRA for years without ever being addressed. Definitely, your blog wasn’t the place to be posting those things, either. 🙂 After Flex went over to Apache, it was like night and day. I literally will make a remark on the mailing list one day, and a bunch of people will respond the same day and by the next day or the end of the week, the issue has been resolved. Yeah, I realize some of those people work for Adobe, too. I guess I’m just harping against bureaucracy and the inefficiency of large orgs.

    -the whole thing about Lightroom mobile, again, yeah it’s something we’ve all been crying for, for years, but again hearing your interview really puts things into perspective regarding how hard it is to develop some of these things and how much time it takes. Kind of dumb, I guess, in retrospect, being a software developer I should have known that from the start. I guess it’s always easy to complain. :O

    Anyway, thanks again for everything. Don’t forget the towel.

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