Kickstarter: “Beware of Images”

Graphic designer Sergio Toporek is Kickstarting Beware of Images, a “fully animated, feature-length film about the history, technology, regulation and social effects of media.” I found his story & that of the project interesting:

The control over symbols and their dissemination channels represent power. Religious institutions, governments and corporations understand this power and have exploited it to advance their interests. Unfortunately, these practices are at the root of many of our social, ecological and financial concerns. […]

No medium is inherently good or evil, and all have the potential to be beneficial and constructive cultural agents. Whether such potential is fulfilled or not, depends greatly on our understanding of the markets, industries and regulations under which they operate. Education is the only way we will be able to shift the present power balance, from corporate interests towards the public good.

“Not the guy from Duck Dynasty”—heh.

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  1. Thanks for this John; It does seem interesting, and perhaps worth a bit of support.
    I’m totally psyched that I found your new blog- you produce content like no other.
    I hope the new gig is a joy for you and yours.

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