Adobe’s Project Parfait: Convert PSDs to Web via the Web

Ah—I’ve been looking forward to talking about this one for a while, and now that it’s public, I can.

I loathe making users do shit work, and laboriously converting among file formats is most definitely shit work. Back in the day it took (by my count) 168 individual steps to import a 20-layer PSD into Flash. With LiveMotion we took that down to 2. It’s maybe not that dramatic, but Adobe’s new Project Parfait is pretty slick:

Adobe’s Raymond Camden writes,

This is exactly the kind of tool that is useful for me as a web developer. I have a lot of respect for Photoshop, but I find it hard to use at times as I don’t use it very often. Something like Parfait is a heck of a lot simpler for me and I’m willing to bet a lot of developers would think the same. If you try it out, make note of the Chat option in the lower right corner. I found a small bug and reported it via that pod. You can also get support via the forums just launched for the project. 


One thought on “Adobe’s Project Parfait: Convert PSDs to Web via the Web

  1. How about an easy way to take a PSD or AI file and create batch PNGs for Android mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, etc.. ?

    Unfortunately I’ve found that the designers tend to be behind the development environments and developers shouldn’t be transforming assets for a project.

    The worst experience I ever had was this was asking someone to create a 9-scale (or 9-slice) image for me and she said “what’s that?”

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