Another awesome Illustrator plug-in from Astute Graphics

My immediate thoughts every time these guys come out with something:

  1. Oh my God, how come Illustrator doesn’t just work like this?
  2. Buy them already, Adobe!
  3. Don’t buy them, Adobe, lest you slow down their pace.

Check out the very promising looking Stylism:


Fifty bucks; good stuff.


One thought on “Another awesome Illustrator plug-in from Astute Graphics

  1. I own vector scribe and ink scribe and they are fantastic. Tools that are seamlessly integrated into the toolbox and add features that take Illustrator into new realms. If anyone uses Illustrator they owe it to themselves to at least try the demos and support this company. Buy their software! I’m not in any way connected to Astute Graphics, but everyone using Illustrator should know about them! Simply inspiring that they even exist.

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