Quick tip: Share your Google Photos videos on YouTube

Forget re-uploading what you’ve already backed up. That’s a sucker’s bet. 🙂

Instead visit youtube.com/upload, then click “Import your videos from Google Photos.” You’ll see a browser like this that lets you pick one or more videos, then click “Select” to add titles, etc. & publish them.

Bonus tip: To see all the videos in your Photos account, click the search field, then click the “Video” tile (or just bookmark photos.google.com/search/_tv_).

YT Upload


3 thoughts on “Quick tip: Share your Google Photos videos on YouTube

  1. Whoever owns this blog, please delete it. As Jim Luckett already pointed out (okay, it’s only been a month) something in Google/YouTube changed and you don’t get that option.
    I’m sure they A/B tested it, found that 50.5% didn’t want this feature with a p-value of .05, and so decided to impose the marginal majority’s random and probably ephemeral preference on everybody.

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