Photoshop looks different today

Wow, props for boldness: This week’s Photoshop CC update introduces a giant new Start workspace, larger tabs (easier to touch), a flatter UI, and more. Check out this quick tour from Julieanne Kost:

I still maintain that few people will actually use toolbar customization until it becomes easily synced/shared (e.g. let me type in the name of a leading designer and apply her panel layout, toolbar, and presets to my copy of PS). It also seems odd that you apparently can’t create multiple visible toolbars as Illustrator has supported for many years. I know, though, that it can take a long time for a full product vision to reach fruition, so it’s possible that more changes are coming. I’m sure the team would welcome your feedback on what’s important.


2 thoughts on “Photoshop looks different today

  1. John, OMG, the PS update is about as unbelievable as I can imagine. I haven’t looked at the others yet. Thank you John for all you have done. There are many that will never forget what role you played and your continued presence allways will.

  2. Well that would explain where that god awful lightroom import dialog update came from. I was wondering where that new ui direction was come in, and i guess we can now see it. I haven’t updated photoshop yet (have to wait for the creative cloud app to decide it wants to start functioning predictable), so I will have to wait to see if the new start window is of any use or if its something better turned off.

    The one thing I noticed in the video, are we needing to hit command+O twice to get to the actual open dialog? Once to get to that questionable side panel and again to actually get to the finder dialog? If that’s true it seems a silly and painful decision. Kind of like the lightroom import dialog, hiding the actual import window behind a start screen and then hiding presets behind additional toggle windows.

    I can understand (to some extent) adobe making updates to lightrooms import dialog to make some aspects of it easier for general consumers, but not the changes to photoshop that seems to be aimed at a general consumer (the start window the new document window) when it’s not a product that is targeted at general consumers.

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