Raw processing, DNG support coming to iOS 10

Yay! CNET reports,

As Google did with Android, Apple will package the raw data in Adobe’s Digital Negative (DNG) format, a move that makes it easier for software such as Photoshop to view the files.

Third-party camera apps will also be able to take Live Photos — Apple’s technology for taking a short video clip, currently available only in Apple’s camera app. And on supported hardware, cameras will be able to record a wider range of colors, too, for more vivid photos.

I was happy to see that iOS will evidently auto-stabilize Live Photos. If you want that capability today, grab Google Motion Stills, and if you want to do raw editing on mobile, grab Snapseed for Android.


[Via Bryan O’Neil Hughes, who came up with the term “DN(e)G” as we were BS’ing on a road trip to San Luis Obispo long ago]

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