You can now edit your panoramas in Snapseed

I was really annoyed & frankly embarrassed to find not long ago that when I used Snapseed to edit a panorama (captured via either my iPhone’s built-in pano mode or via Google Street View’s 360º capture), then tried to post it to Facebook, its magical pano-ness would be lost & the image would be rendered as a flat JPEG instead of as an interactive pano.

Happily this has been fixed, and if you install the latest update to Snapseed, you should be able to edit panos, then upload them in interactive form. (This works for spheres shown via, too.) Take it for a oh God don’t let me say spin and let me know if you hit any snags.


12 thoughts on “You can now edit your panoramas in Snapseed

  1. A really welcome addition. Snapseed has become my editor of choice for all my smartphone pics. I really love it. Photoshop Camera Raw now only gets dusted off for my DSLR shots.

    It would be cool to know what some of the adjustments are actually doing (eg. Ambiance, or Drama).

    Incidentally, I love exploring maps with photo spheres available. But uploading Camera photo spheres to Google Maps is problematic still, and seems to ignore GPS in some upload workflows, particularly from desktop.

  2. Hay its not working for me. I’ve updated the snap seed but still after editing my panorama can’t post in FB as 360

  3. John, can you share the step by step how to do this? Can I do it from within the Google Street View or should I export the image, then edit, then re-import?

    I have an iOS device. Does it also work on iOS or only on Android?

    1. When I capture images in Street View on iOS, they’re immediately visible on my camera roll, and I can edit them in Snapseed right there. If that doesn’t work for you, please let me know.

      1. After editing, do I need to reimport them into SV? Because when I try to do it, SV throws an error “Unable to import”.

      2. Hi John, yes, that works for me. What doesn’t work is the re-importing of them into the Street View.
        1. I do my edit, maybe just a slight Tune Image, then I do Save or Save a Copy (tried both) from Snapseed.
        2. I double check, Street View does not automatically see the changes, so I choose to import the image.
        3. Street View tells me it cannot import the image: “Unable to import (1) photos”.

        Any ideas on why the Street View fails to import it? iPhone 6 running iOS 10.2, Snapseed 2.14, Street View 2.6.1.

  4. C’est très intéressant de voir, comment ça fonctionne avec vos photos. Personnellement je ne sais pas m’en servir??
    Il existe une application à charger dans mon appareil, où comment il faut faire?? Merci de me répondre.

  5. Je vois aussi, que mon commentaire est très mal imprimer.. Ça ne veut rien dire, je m’excuse.
    Je voulais savoir, faut t’il installer une application spécial?? Merci

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