Demo: Photoshop adds in-app search

I’m blessed & cursed by a long memory, especially for useless details.

Seeing Photoshop’s new Find feature, I think back to 10+ years ago, when I was pushing hard for Photoshop to offer a universal search feature for both commands and help content. Beyond basic search, I wanted the panel to enable running simple script-like commands for replicating objects, applying fills, etc. Inspired in part by InDesign’s Quick Apply panel, the vision was similar to Maya’s MEL language: show history steps as script, and let users copy/modify/run those to do awesome things.

Outside of search in the Layers panel, I failed* to get the feature shipped (partly because Mac OS’s then-new Help menu feature did a lot of the job). Illustrator, however, managed to ship the Knowhow panel:


Almost no one (knowone? #dadjokes) used it or, I’m sure, remembers it today (including inside Adobe)—but try, try again. Photoshop’s new Find command offers some slick integration with Adobe Stock. Take it away, Julieanne:

*Update: Wait, I did get it shipped—at least as a feature in Configurator (oh hai, Knowledge Panel!). Thanks to my collaborators on that, Amy Casillas & Victor Gavenda, for the reminder.


5 thoughts on “Demo: Photoshop adds in-app search

  1. Great feature, but nothing comes without a price. I guess we’ll have to learn a new shortcut to apply the last used filter.

    1. Too soon. After upgrading, Ctrl+F is still applying the last used filter as it used to. All is fine, sorry for the trouble 🙂

        1. Hmm—so you just check whether I’ve made *any* app shortcut changes (not ones specific to this command) & then bring in the old set? I get the argument for this, but… yeah, okay, I get it. 🙂 Thanks for the details, David.

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