An expressive new camera app coming from Facebook

Snapchat often describes itself as being “a camera company,” and clearly Facebook (owning Instagram, and having bought MSQRD), is taking a similar path:

The new camera will be accessible by simply swiping right while you’re looking at your news feed, making it easy to quickly snap a filtered moment to share.

 TechCrunch reports that there will be filters for your face (selfie masks, overlaid graphics, and geofilters), art-themed filters, and filters that “respond to your body’s movements.” 

We’ll have to see, though: A lot of the appeal of Snapchat’s filters has been in their social context: Here today, gone today—transient fun. As I’ve often said, the genius of Instagram was in helping regular people be a bit better, and the genius of Snapchat has been in letting them not care. Posting lasting stuff to FB generally equals caring. But who knows, perhaps like Instagram FB will introduce “here today, gone today” ephemeral stories. (I’d certainly use them.) Interesting times.



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