Google & Major League Baseball team up on VR

When Periscope debuted two years ago, I thought it would quickly usher in an era of live multi-camera feeds of clubhouse champagne parties, dugout conversations, and more. Maybe it still will, but for most uses, it became clear (as maybe it should have been at the start) that very little content demands or rewards live viewing. The Snapchat-pioneered stories format, by contrast, feels live but offers just enough curation & control for both creators & viewers that it’s dramatically more compelling for most occasions.

Anyway, the jury remains out on VR, but I’m glad to see more experiments getting underway. Now Google is using the compact Jump camera rig to partner with MLB in telling young players’ stories. Engadget writes,

[T]he NFL partnered with Google Daydream to produce an exclusive series called All or Nothing last year. Major League Baseball has also collaborated with Google Daydream on a video game and the At Bat app. Now, they’ve announced their latest partnership: “On the Verge,” which is a VR series that profiles up-and-coming baseball stars.

The first episodes are available now. They’ll also be available on MLB’s official YouTube account soon.



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