“Hey Google, define what’s a beautiful photograph…”

You know how Google Assistant can say “Hey, [stateyourname], you should probably leave for the airport by 5 to make it in time for your 7 o’clock flight?” I want it to also say, “You know, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. Would you like this photo book to show up on your mom’s doorstep then together with some nice flowers?” Take my money, robot; make me into a better son!

Clearly such work involves a lot of moving parts & hard-to-define qualities (e.g. whether the memories evoked by an image are happy or sad may change greatly depending on things entirely outside the pixels). On the visual quality front, however, my teammates are making interesting progress. As Engadget writes,

If Google has its way, AI may serve as an art critic. It just detailed work on a Neural Image Assessment (NIMA) system that uses a deep convolutional neural network to rate photos based on what it believes you’d like, both technically and aesthetically. It trains on a set of images based on a histogram of ratings (such as from photo contests) that give a sense of the overall quality of a picture in different areas, not just a mean score or a simple high/low rating.

 Check out the Research blog for details on how it works.


One thought on ““Hey Google, define what’s a beautiful photograph…”

  1. This is more about selling product and convincing people that becoming visually literate through time, contemplation and mindfulness can be replaced by an “artificial intelligence” that it can be used to convince the ignorant and lazy that they understand the transcendence of the visual language.

    The hubris of these clueless visual illiterates s stupefying !
    Ridiculous .

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