You can now Lens Uncle Ben’s to get personalized info

I know this will seem like small beans—literally—but over time it’ll be a big deal, and not just because it’s an instance of the engine I’m working to enhance.

Through Lens, you’ll get meal recommendations based on your tastes, dietary preferences, and allergies, along with a personalized score for products like Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice, Flavored Grains, Flavor Infusions, and beans.

VentureBeat goes on to note,

The growing list of things Lens can recognize covers over 1 billion products… The new feature follows a Lens capability that highlights top meals at a restaurant and a partnership with Wescover that supplies information about art and design installations. Lens also recently gained the ability to split a bill or calculate a tip after a meal; [and] to overlay videos atop real-world publications.

Check out the latter, from a couple of months ago. As I say, big things have small beginnings.

2 thoughts on “You can now Lens Uncle Ben’s to get personalized info

  1. Why kind of personalized information about Uncle Ben are they offering? His Tinder profile? Political contributions? Arrests and convictions?

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