Inside iPhone’s “Dark Universe”

As a kid, I spent hours fantasizing about the epic films I could make, if only I could borrow my friend’s giant camcorder & some dry ice. Apple 💯 has their finger on the pulse of such aspirational souls in this new ad:

It’s pretty insane to see what talented filmmakers can do with just a phone (or rather, a high-end camera/computer/monitor that happens to make phone calls) and practical effects:

Apple has posted an illuminating behind-the-scenes video for this piece. PetaPixel writes,

In one clip they show how they dropped the phone directly into rocks that they had fired upwards using a piston, and in another, they use magnets and iron filings with the camera very close to the surface. One step further, they use ferrofluid to create rapidly flowing ripples that flow wildly on camera.

Check it out:

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