New stock photos are 100% AI-generated

PetaPixel reports,

PantherMedia, the first microstock agency in Germany, […] partnered with VAIsual, a technology company that pioneers algorithms and solutions to generate synthetic licensed stock media. The two have come together to offer the first set of 100% AI-generated, licensable stock photos of “people.”

None of the photos are of people who actually exist.

The “first” claim seems odd to me, as has been around for quite some time—albeit not producing torsos. That site offers an Anonymizer service that can take in your image, then generate multiple faces that vaguely approximate your characteristics. Here’s what it made for me:

Now I’m thinking of robots replacing humans in really crummy stock-photo modeling jobs, bringing to mind Mr. “Rob Ott” sliding in front of the camera:

3 thoughts on “New stock photos are 100% AI-generated

  1. this is handy because if you see any of these dudes you will know the barriers are breaking down between the alternate timelines in the nackaverse

  2. With the work NVIDIA is doing on AI created landscape images pretty soon we’ll have “stock” photos of fictional worlds, products and people!

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