ApARtment hunting

Among the Google teams working on augmented reality, there was a low-key religious war about the importance of “metric scale” (i.e. matching real-world proportions 1:1). The ARCore team believed it was essential (no surprise, given their particular tech stack), while my team (Research) believed that simply placing things in the world with a best guess as to size, then letting users adjust an object if needed, was often the better path.

I thought of this upon seeing StreetEasy’s new AR tech for apartment-hunting in NYC. At the moment it lets you scan a building to see its inventory. That’s very cool, but my mind jumped to the idea of seeing 3D representations of actual apartments (something the company already offers, albeit not in AR), and I’m amused to think of my old Manhattan place represented in AR: drawing it as a tiny box at one’s feet would be metric scale. 😅 My God that place sucked. Anyway, we’ll see how useful this tech proves & where it can go from here.

“A StreetEasy Instagram poll found that 95% of people have walked past an apartment building and wondered if it has an available unit that meets their criteria. At the same time, 77% have had trouble identifying a building’s address to search for later.”

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